Loptex offers valuable solutions to the sorting problem of flakes and fibers in the recycling industry. The target is the transformation of industrial pre-consumer waste and industrial post-consumer waste into sustainable and suitable raw material for further processing. Loptex introduces into the new circular value chain and contributes to filling the gap with sorting capacity.

Sorting of flakes fibers may be:

Black spots

Color bunch of fibers

Color bunch of fibers

Piece of fabrics

Color thread

Color thread

Color flakes

Color flakes

Foreign fibers

Foreign fibers


The Easy Link EXA offers a space-saving solution to existing and new shredding lines.


Upwards fibers flow

Perfect fitting on existing fibre stream

Modular concept

Minimal loss of processing material



Remote control

Link to EXA Data

Techical specification

Max production:

1000 Kg/h (1200/2000 Kg/h on demand)

Power supply:

400 VAC ± 10% 50Hz.

Installed power:

1 kW (EXA system)
1 kW (Waste extraction system)

Air consumption:

0,6/1,2 NL (per contamination removal)

Compressed air supply:

approx. 6-8 bars


Height 3270 mm
Width 2070 mm
Depth 750 mm

Loptex reserves the right to change dimensions and technical specifications. Copyright reserved.

EXA Data

EXA Data, through an external PC, collects and files statistical and historical data from Sorter units.
It provides key information on machines status and on processing materials.

Exa class