Company Overview

Loptex, a leading company serving the textile industry for more than 25 years, offers state of the art technologies for the fibres quality improvement in cotton and in non-woven industries. Its assembly facility is in Northern Italy, Como Area, close to the Swiss border. It includes R&D department, Commercial and Administrative offices. Loptex sources from Italian and European sub-suppliers.

Loptex stands out for its pioneering vision and innovative spirit. It successfully faces the challenges and the quality demands of the market through its know-how, flexibility, experience and practical approach to problems.

Loptex is part of ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machine Association. Acimit, in collaboration with RINA, an international certifying body, invites all its associates to join the sustainability program which consists on delivering on yearly basis a Green Label certification.
The Green Label is based on parameters, values, methods which certifies Loptex commitment to deliver systems with minimum impact on industrial and natural environment.